Installation Service

Installation Pre-Checklist for Google Jamboard

  1. Power source must be available at installation site. 
  2. Unfiltered Wifi & password must be available for Jamboard provisioning.
    (Note: device supports WPA2 Personal wifi (also known as WPA2-PSK), however it does not support WPA2 Enterprise wifi (i.e. wifi networks secured with 802.1X). The device also supports DHCP ethernet.)
  3. No Edison (incandescent bulbs) lamps are in the vicinity as the Jamboard touch function could be disabled.
  4. Customer acknowledgement of package sizes and shipping requirements. See here for detailed specifications.
  5. Boxes accessible to installation site. Recommended work space bigger than 10’x10’.
  6. Customer must have verified domain. See here for instructions.
  7. Customer acknowledge their G Suite admin account available on day of installation. 
  8. Customer will prepare wall power & data drop ahead of time if required. 


Additional Requirements for Wall Mount Installation:

  1. Compatible Wall mount bracket (if Non-Google wall mount is utilized).
  2. Studs can hold the weight of board. (92 lbs combined weight between Jamboard and wall mount)
  3. Studs in correct position for wall mount.
  4. Power cord can reach power source.
  5. Ethernet cable can reach the board.
  6. Drywall mounting surface.
  7. No foot traffic directly in front of board mounting location.
  8. Non-Google VESA mount use at customer discretion. Google VESA mount spec is 600mmx200mm.

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